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Kyron Avert Bitter solution and repellent
Avert Bitter Solution for Biting and Licking
R 159.00 or subscribe and save 5%
Stop biting, chewing and licking with Avert Bitter Solution. Avert...
Kyron Footsack repellent
Footsack Training Aid & Repellent Spray for Dogs and Cats
R 117.00 or subscribe and save 5%
Footsack is a training aid for dogs and cats —...
M-Pets Calm Down Puppy Training Pads
R 180.00
M-Pets Calm Down Puppy Training Pads are an organic herbal...
M-Pets Carbon Training Pads
R 175.00
M-Pets Carbon Training Pads are 25% thicker and absorb twice...
Mikki Pup-Pee Pads
R 80.00R 910.00
Mikki Pup-Pee Pads - For use with puppy training Scented...
Pawise Training Clicker
R 75.00
Training a dog? Grab their attention with the Pawise Training...
Pawise Training Clicker & Whistle Set
R 85.00
Training a dog? Grab their attention with the Pawise Training...
Simple Solution Disposable Diapers
R 120.00R 195.00
Redesigned with a way better fit than our previous diapers,...
Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diaper Liners
R 220.00
Simple Solution Disposable super Absorbent Diaper Liners (22 pack) provide...
Simple Solution Washable Diapers
R 160.00R 270.00
Control the mess of incontinent pets, heat cycles, and housebreaking....
Simple Solution Washable Male Wrap
R 160.00R 315.00
We love our boy dogs, but they can be messy....
Sprogley Disposable Doggie Diapers
R 100.00R 175.00
Designed for females in heat, travel, incontinence and excitable urination...
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