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Aquapaw Slow Treater
R 295.00
Make Bath Time Fun For many pets, bathing is a...
Large Anti-Tangle Undercoat Rake for thick coats
R 218.99R 240.01
Diffuses tangles and knots Removes dead hairs from undercoat and...
M-Pets Rubeaz Soap Dispenser & Pet Brush
R 130.00
Easy to bath your dog with this soap dispenser and...
Moult Master
R 299.00R 449.01
“The best de-shedding tool on the market” – Alison Rogers,...
Pet Hair Magnet – For Furniture & Clothing
R 120.00
Easily removes pet hair from clothes and furniture Unique 2...
Pro Slicker
R 259.00
“The best de-shedding tool on the market” – Alison Rogers,...
Puppy Grooming Kit
R 448.99
Helps you to build a bond with your puppy Introduces...
Rosewood 2-in-1 Bath and Groom Brush
R 149.99
A solution to one of our challenging grooming issues ‘How...
Salon Grooming Combo Comb & Moult Stoppa
R 360.00R 500.00
The combo comb and moult stoppa detangles and eliminates pet...
Salon Grooming Combs
R 115.00
A selection of combs to remove knots and tangles as...
Salon Grooming Double Sided Brush
R 180.00R 220.00
Double sided brush with ergonomic hand grip Suitable for short/...
Salon Grooming Moult Stoppa
R 424.99R 550.00
The moult stoppa is a de-shedding tool for long and...
Salon Grooming Nail Clipper
R 160.00R 230.00
A range of clippers and scissors with ergonomic hand grips...
Salon Grooming Porcupine Brush
R 209.99R 264.99
The soft protection Porcupine Brush features hard bristles which reduce tangles...
Salon Grooming Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush
R 209.99R 275.00
Rosewood Slicker Brush is a professional grooming product, ideal for...
Salon Grooming Soft Protection Undercoat Rake
R 169.99R 220.00
The Salon Grooming brushes and combs have easy finger and...
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