Here are some of our most common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions 1

Yes, we are often booked up several days in advance and our team pre-plans their route.

Yes we do, please request this at booking stage. Please note that the sensitive shampoo is more expensive. Please see our price list for details. We ensure that we rinse your pet properly to ensure minimal irritation.

Yes we can. Often pets play up when their owners are around and its best to leave them with us. In the event that a dog is aggressive we will require them to be muzzled and may ask you or your helper to assist.

It usually takes between 45min and an hour. However badly matted dogs and cats can take significantly longer and we therefore have a surcharge for badly matted pets. If your pet has not been groomed before or is groomed infrequently, they may be nervous and it may take longer.

We are used to nervous dogs and cats. We handle your pet with the utmost care. Our staff are well trained and experienced to be able to groom your pet.

Yes it is very uncomfortable for your dog and that’s why it is so important to have them trimmed. We also trim cats nails.

Yes we do. It forms part of our standard groom. Please note that if your dogs nails are very long we will only be able to take off a short amount. Cutting them to short, even when long, will cause them to bleed. Similarly, if your dogs nails are short we will not cut them shorter. See our blog.

Yes. Please supply a towel for each pet. We do use dryers to ensure that your pet is dry and warm.

We come to your house with our fully equiped trailer. All we need is access to a plug point and tap. We bring our own hose and extensions.

Yes we do! We have a gas geyser to ensure your pet gets a nice bath be it summer or winter. All we require is access to a tap and plug point


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