Mobile Grooming & Pet Store

We groom both cats & dogs, big or small

We are a mobile pet grooming parlour operating in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg, including:    

Sandton, Randburg, Fourways, Midrand and a large area of Roodepoort

Puppify mobile pet grooming parlour vehicle
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Our Services

Dog Grooming

Grooming of dogs

We are able to groom large and small breed dogs. Both young and old. 

We do shaving and breed specific styling based on your requirements. 

We have 2 grooming packages:

  • Standard – wash and brush package
  • Full – standard plus shaving/ style cut

All our packages include:

  • Brush, wash and blow dry
  • Nail clipping
  • Tooth

For more detail on what these packages include:

  • We start off with assessing your pets coat to identify any potential problem areas and advise on approach
  • Brush of dogs coat with appropriate brush whether to remove the thick undercoat or short lose hair.
  • We remove mattes and knots through a combination of brushing and cutting mattes out. Ensuring your pet is not harmed. 
  • Warm water bath with professional natural gentle shampoo wash 
  • Depending on the coat, we use conditioner to help with tangles 
  • Check anal glands 
  • Warm water rinse
  • Using a clean towel, we dry your pet to remove excess water
  • After being towel dried your pet will be blow dried to ensure they keep clean and do not matte 
  • Coat is brushed again
  • Face is styled and cleaned up
  • Clean ears and eyes
  • Clip nails 
  • Tooth gel – which helps to remove plaque build up
  • Cologne/ deodoriser
  • Bandana or bow

Standard Groom PLUS:

  • Shaving/clipping in winter or summer cut in accordance with your requirements. 
  • Scissor trimming and styling
  • Breed specific style cuts such as Standard Poodle style cuts or Schnauzer style cut
  • Non-breed specific style cut such as Cowboy Cut or Teddy Bear Cut
  • Hygiene/Sanitary clip – shave the behind and other areas to ensure your doggy can go to the toilet without dirtying themselves 
  • Sensitive shampoo
  • Tick and flea dip
  • Anal glands
  • Virbac inner ear cleaner
  • Teeth brushing
  • De wormer

Cat Grooming

Having issues with your allergies? Is your cat shedding? Are mattes becoming a problem? Then you have come to the right place.

Our trailer has windows that close to ensure your cat does not escape.

We wash and brush your cat and dry it gently so as not to scare your cat leaving your pet stress free and clean after their groom. 

A standard groom includes:

  • Wash and brush
  • Blow dry
  • Nail clipping (if necessary)

We also shave and do style cuts:

  • If your cat is badly matted, shaving is the least stressful way to remove the mattes
  • We also do hygiene cuts and lion cuts
Cat grooming - wash and brush and shaving/clipping

Convenience at Your Door Step

We Come to You

We come to you in our fully equipped van

Warm Water

We have a geyser so you can rest assured that your pet will get a warm bath and blow dry

Blow Dry

With our special pet dryer you furbaby will be left dry and clean

Fully Equipped

All we need is access to a water point and plug point. We bring our own hose, electrical extension and towels

Easy Payment

Simple, easy payment methods, we bring a credit card machine, have SnapScan and take cash payment

Benefits of Regular Grooming

Your pet can be groomed safely every week and we recommend that they are groomed at least every 4-6 weeks

  • Reduce shedding especially in the summer months
  • Reduce and prevent matting
  • Ridding your pet of excess hair helps them to keep cool and regulate their body temperature
  • Potential medical issues and skin infections can be identified such as hot spots and ear infections
  • Keeping your pets nails short, long nails are painful for your pet to walk on
  • Reduced hair and shedding left around the house by your pet.
  • Helps prevent potential medical problems such as hot spots, skin irritations, and ear infections
  • If you have a busy schedule then this saves you time and effort



  • positive review  we were in an emergency grooming before our open show on Sunday with our 8 month Alaskan Malamute, Akira. Wendy and Daniel are true professionals and show they love dogs. Speaking to Wendy I feel confident to recomend them as she has a vast knowledge and trust them with my bsbies. thanks guys, i am pleased with your service.

    Adam J. Lax Avatar Adam J. Lax
    January 17, 2019
  • positive review  Absolutely excellent! They took such great care of my babies. Would highly recommend them.

    Kirsty Semper Avatar Kirsty Semper
    February 2, 2019
  • positive review  Fabulous service. Great job on our Yorkie - wash, cut, and style. It was easy to book on the website, Wendy responded super promptly and we had an appointment within 24 hours! We'll be using Puppify all the time now and definitely recommend!

    Alyna Wyatt Avatar Alyna Wyatt
    September 2, 2019
  • positive review  my dogs have never been groomed before so they were naturally a little bit nervous. The Puppify team were gentle and quickly made my dogs at ease. They loved their groom! Would highly recommend them!

    Tarryn Anne Dent Avatar Tarryn Anne Dent
    December 19, 2018
  • positive review  Our entire family had their dogs groomed today! Wonderful service and our doggos look amazing! Thank you to Wendy and her team. 🐶💓

    Lauren van Eeden Avatar Lauren van Eeden
    February 27, 2019
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