Adaptil Calming Large Dog Collar

Adaptil Calming Large Dog Collar

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ADAPTIL Calm On-The-Go Collar is an excellent solution to help your dog stay calm and adapt even outdoors in situations like loud noises, training, boarding and fears.

Easy to use!

  • Just put the collar around your dog’s neck and adjust it
  • Then leave the collar on your dog continuously (except during shampooing)

Brings you and your dog closer, by providing constant reassurance to your dog.

Clinically proven. Veterinary used and recommended

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Adaptil Collar is ideal for:

  • Moving homes
  • Travelling by car
  • Going to the vet
  • Staying home alone
  • Fireworks, thunderstorms & loud noises
  • Puppy socialisation & training
  • Changing their comfort zones & loved environments

Help them be cool, calm and collected in no time. The Adaptil Collar releases a replication of that soothing pheromone mother dogs emit to comfort their puppies, helping to comfort your adult or junior dog. Safe to use with other medications and effortless to fit around your dog’s neck. Used by behaviourists, veterinary experts and welfare charities for the last 10 years, Adaptil Calming Dog Collar is a great way to protect your dog against their worst environmental nightmares.

  • Replicates that soothing pheromone mother dogs emit to comfort their puppies, helps comfort your adult or junior dog
  • Proven to work on all breeds of dogs, just be sure you’ve fitted the collar correctly
  • The comforting pheromone is released almost immediately, as soon as protective packet has been opened (do not open if not ready to use)
  • The collar doesn’t work when wet, however starts to diffuse pheromones again once it dries
  • The Adaptil Collar cannot be used to attach a leash, its sole purpose is comforting your canine
  • Adaptil is canine specific and can be used alongside all other types of medication

IMPORTANT: Do not use the collar on dogs with extensive skin lesions

Small/Medium – fits neck up to 37.5cm
Medium/Large – fits neck up to 62.5cm

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ADAPTIL sends “comforting messages” to help puppies and dogs feel calm and relaxed in stressful situations.


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