Petstages, Inc is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of innovative pet products, providing unique products to address each stage of a pet’s life. With a commitment to research and development, Petstages provides a wide range of cat and dog developmental toys, and is dedicated to providing a continuous stream of innovative products that address needs of owners and pets.

We make pet parents happy by creating smarter pet innovations inspired by veterinarians and trainers that help to keep tails wagging every day!

That’s why we’re committed to creating the highest quality toys, chews, games, gear & feeders that deliver on our brand promise to Raise The Woof.

Simply put, we think good pets deserve better stuff.

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Catnip Chew Mice
R 99.99
The Catnip Chew Mice clean teeth and massage gums to improve your...
Feather Fish
R 85.00
Petstages Play toys for cats bring out the wild instincts...
Fresh Breath Mint Stick
R 79.99
The Fresh Breath Mint Stick freshens kitty’s breath and helps remove soft...
Green Magic Mightie Mouse
R 124.99
The Green Magic Mighty Mouse by Petstages® is filled with...
Petstages® Big Squeak Gator
R 194.99
Stuffing Free Big Squeak Gator by Petstages® has tons of...
Petstages® Crunchcore™
R 164.99R 299.99
Petstages CRUNCHCORE chew Toys. This Patented Design provides a crunchy layer that...
Petstages® Lil Squeak Monkey
R 130.00
Petstages® Nubbiez Treat and Squeak Ball
R 155.00
Petstages' Nubbiez Treat & Squeak Ball is made with interior nubs that...
Petstages® ORKA Dental Links
R 175.00
Orka Dental Links by Petstages are fun to shake, chew,...
Petstages® ORKA Stick
R 175.00
Orka Stick by Petstages® is made of durable Orka material,...
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