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Double Toothbrush
R 119.00
For healthy teeth and gums. Two different shaped heads, suitable...
Hygiene Pants
R 159.00R 219.01
Provides protection for females on heat. Avoid staining your furniture,...
Kitten Grooming Kit
R 378.99
 Helps you to build a bond with your kitten  Introduces...
Large Anti-Tangle Undercoat Rake for thick coats
R 218.99R 240.01
Diffuses tangles and knots Removes dead hairs from undercoat and...
Moult Master
R 299.00R 449.01
“The best de-shedding tool on the market” – Alison Rogers,...
Oral Hygiene Kit
R 129.00
Includes tooth and gum massager for healthy teeth and gums...
Pet Hair Magnet – For Furniture & Clothing
R 120.00
Easily removes pet hair from clothes and furniture Unique 2...
Pill Gun
R 59.00
An easy way to give your puppy or kitten medication...
Pro Slicker
R 259.00
“The best de-shedding tool on the market” – Alison Rogers,...
Puppy Grooming Kit
R 448.99
Helps you to build a bond with your puppy Introduces...
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