The solutions in the Efazol range to help dogs with itchy skin are Cipla Vet products. Ascendis Animal Health is the parent company of Cipla Vet in South Africa.

Efazol liquid contains essential fatty acids, zinc and other vitamins to help improve certain skin conditions in dogs and to make them less reliant on a large amount of cortisone for improved skin health. Efazol is a palatable nutritional supplement and is given orally. It has been shown that essential fatty acid supplements can offset the need for corticosteroids in treating skin conditions.

Efazol Plus contains high levels of EPA and DHA, with added zinc, biotin and vitamin A, which can manage and maintain a healthy balance in dogs with skin conditions.

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Efazol dog skin supplement
Efazol Dog Skin Supplement
R 141.99R 371.99
The Efazol Dog Skin Supplement is a palatable and nutritious...
Efazol plus dog skin supplement
Efazol Plus Dog Skin Supplement
R 277.99R 697.99
The Efazol Plus Dog Skin Supplement is a palatable and...
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