easy Payment options

We offer affordable dog grooming as well as  cat grooming. We groom pets both large and small. 

See our easy payment options below.


Payment Options

We have several easy payment methods making it quick and simple to not only book but pay for your grooming. 

Credit Card

For your convenience our team carry a card machine which accepts Visa, Mastercard and both credit and debit cards


We do not accept cash unless prior arrangement has been made. Please contact info@puppify.co.za. We will not be able to provide change.

Please note we are unable to accept cash for deliveries made by our courier services. Deliveries of products requires payment for order confirmation before dispatch. 

Monies need to reflect in our account prior to dispatch of any orders.


We require EFT payments to be processed before arrival.

Our banking details: 

FNB Cheque Account

Acc No: 62801707011

Branch code: 250655

Proof of Payment to: accounts@puppify.co.za



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